22.02.2018 - knee-deep in the dead

07.02.2018 - video clip of our show at metal embrace festival 2017

29.01.2018 - thrash command vinyl re-release

13.01.2018 - Thank you emden!

24.12.2017 - Merry x-mas and thank you!



Yesterday was our last show for this year and we want to say a big thank you for the support over the year!

It was a very awesome year for us, a lot of great shows, a lot of new people we met and a lot of support from all of you!

We wish you a very christmas and a happy new year 2018, with new shows, a new Album and a lot of other great stuff to come.

Be prepared for the Teutonic Thrash Attack

Andreas and TRAITOR

22.12.2017 - wacken, we´re coming!

22.10.2017 - It´S done

For the last weeks we entered the Studio of Vagelis Maranis in Auenwald, to record our third Album! We can now proudly announce, that all recordings are done!
Until the release date you still have to wait for a couple of time, but we can promise, that you will get a fantastic Thrash Album.
If we have any News about the new Album, we will let you know about it here and on our Facebook Page, were you also find more photos and some Videos.

Fotos: © Maranis Studio

23.07.2017 - update: warmbronner open air

07.06.2017 - Thank you torgau. thank you in flammen open air!

Thanks to all of you who thrashed the sauna with us! You all did f*ckin awesome! That show was definitely one of the best shows for us this year. If not to say THE best show this year. Because of You!

We must repeat that at another place soon!

Also a big thank you to Thomas and all the helping hands around and on the stage! It was a honor for us!

14.06.2017 - thank you zürich!

Thanks to all of you for the great support yesterday! It was very sweaty and foggy, but you did great!

Also a big thank you to the organizer for the very nice hospitality! We are coming back at any time!

Photo: Matze Steeler (Facebook)






We are playing for Total Annihilation this Tuesday at Ebrietas, Zürich, Switzerland.
So if you are around, let´s get this place boiling hot together!

RANGER and MIDAS TOUCH are also playing this evening!
You´ll find all informations here.

08.06.2017 - Sold-Out Shirts are back in stock!

The sold-out Shirts are back in stock! They´re available again in the sizes S-XXL here. So if you are looking for a great look for the next Rooftop- or Beachparty, you´ll find here your stylish Outfit!

17.05.2017 - Logo patches back in stock!

Our Logo Patches are back in stock! If you need one, head to the shop and buy one! 
Only while supplies last!

23.04.2017 - Thank You Lörrach!





A big thank you to all the headbangers for the great support and the glorious evening yesterday! Again, it was a great pleasure for us, playing in the Black Forrest. We must repeat that again! Also thanks to the other bands and to the Metal Maniacs for the invitation and for the great hospitality. 

08.04.2017 - thank you tmf 2017





Thanks to all of You for your insanly great support! You were awesome!


EG: the fact, that we got the swabian national dish for lunch, was very touching!

19.03.2017 - our shop is back online

Our completely refreshed and fully automatic shop is now online! So You can start to buy right now. Like we announced on Facebook some days ago, the first 10 buyers will get an extra item to their purchase for free. If You find any mistake or bug, please contact me right here. Thank You very much for your assistance and support!


IMPORTANT: because of non changeable, technical reasons, we were not able to translate all texts of the shop. So you´ll find a lot of german texts within the shop and the purchasing progress. If you have a problem to understand something, or if you are not able to pass all steps of the purchasing progress, please don´t hesitate to contact me! Sorry for that!

18.03.2017 - more live dates ahead

We added two more live dates. One together with Night Demon in Switzerland. And one at this year´s Warmbronner Open Air. Check the dates out and maybe we will see each other at one of the dates!

05.03.2017 - we are back!

And? Do you like it? As you can see, we worked a lot on our homepage and there are a lot of improvements and changes. Please let us know what you think about it on Facebook. If you found any mistake or things that doesn´t work, please leave me a message here. We are grateful for any contructive criticism. 


18.10.2016 - summerbreeze flashback

16.10.2016 - thank you augsburg

21.08.2016 - thank you summerbreeze




Thank you very much to all of you, who supported us such great, at our show at this years Summerbreeze! One day after, we are still flashed by the great experience! We hope you had as much fun with us, as we had with you! 


Below you´ll find some videos of our show. Maybe you find yourself on one of it. 

03.08.2016 - new patches

12.06.2016 - thank you konstanz

25.04.2016 - thank you beer bängers hmc

03.04.2016 - thank you chur!

Many thanks to all the Headbangers for the great support! That was one of our best shows in Switzerland and we hope, that there will be much more like that! See you soon!

24.02.2016 - rock hard newcomer of the year 2015!

We want to say a big "THANK YOU" to all readers and subscribers of the Rock Hard Magazine, for voting us as the "Newcomer of the year 2015". We did not expect that!