Increased prices for international shipping

We have some bad news for our international customers.

On July 1st Deutsche Post and DHL increased the prices for international shipping drastically. Also it is no longer allowed, to send 

goods via letter. That means in our case, that even a small patch has to be sent as a package. The only good side of the story is that 

the prices for the packages are the same until the weight reaches 2kgs.

Some of you maybe think "why not sending the small stuff as letter anyway?" 
Yes, we tried that several times. But unfortunately the letters get scanned at the customs service and they recognize even a small patch.

If that happens, the letter will come back to us and we have to pay both: the letter price and the price for the package to get the stuff to you.

We cant risk that anymore. We tried  10 times and 8 came back. Especially if the destination is outside of Europe.

And this leads us to the next thing. There are different prices for the European Union (EU), Switzerland and the UK (Price Zone 2) and the 

rest of the world (Price Zone 3-8). Please mind, that we have to fill out a customs service form for all orders going to countries outside the 

EU. We add some extra Euros for this extra work and material. Also mind, that the prices are including the shipping + materials (card box etc.).

The prices for the zones are the following:

European Union (Zone 1)
12,00€ until 2kgs
18,00€ until 5kgs

UK and Switzerland (Zone 2)
18,00€* until 2kgs
31,00€* until 5kgs
* we add some extra Euros for filling out the customs service form. 

World (Zone 3-8) 
25,00€* until 2kgs
40,00€* until 5kgs

* we add some extra Euros for filling out the customs service form. 


We are very sad about that, but we cant change it. The only advice we can give, is that you order in groups. Maybe you have some friends 

who are also interested in our stuff. If you share the shipping costs, its a good method to order our stuff.