Photo by Martin Kubowski / KUBO Fotoart


We are TRAITOR, a Thrash Metal Band from Balingen / Baden Württemberg in Germany. We founded the band in the year of 2004 with the name PATRICIDE. The First Demos were recorded, and the first shows were played under the name PREMATURE BURIAL until we changed our name again, and finally into TRAITOR in the year of 2009. In the years since 2004 there were many line-up changes excepting the two founding members Gerd Hery and Andreas Mozer. Since 2009 the line is constantly:


Andreas Mozer – Drums, Main Vocals

Gerd Hery – Guitars, Background Vocals

Lorenz Kandolf – Bass

Matthias Koch - Guitars


We made it to our mission to remember our listeners to the trademarks of the 80´s especially in times of faster, more brutal and more individual music like we have it nowadays. It´s our goal to let the spirit of the 80´s rise up again! We spiced this old spirit with new and fresh ideas and present our listeners in our concerts, Thrash Metal in the style of the 80´s.



2009 Thrash Metal Victory (Demo EP)
2009 Inclination To Aggression (Live Demo)
2010 Nuclear Combat (Demo)


2012 Thrash Command
2013 Thrash Command (US Version)

2014 Thrash Command + Live Beyond The Command

2015 Venomizer

2018 Knee-Deep In The Dead


2014 Southern Devastation (Split)
2019 Decade Of Revival (Boxset)

Gerd plays:

Matthias plays:

Andreas plays: